My recollection of the day we made First Contact is a little sketchy.

I cling to the news reports mostly, the panic that rippled through social media, the simultaneous outpouring of commentary and desperation. It took a while for the babble to die down and for the facts to emerge. The one’s I can remember, anyway.

Over two million vessels transported them here, each the size of a small city. The night sky – I remember that – filled with new stars. They were many different races and species, travellers, just stopping by.

They were friendly, I remember this with utter clarity, though I can’t pin the conviction to a single instance.

They brought new technologies and knowledge to broaden and advance every scientific field. I remember some man – maybe the President, or one of his advisors – saying they were a Type Three civilisation. Very smart, like gods to us.

Things were good, I remember. We’d just gotten over another big war, social unrest was rife, the economy in tatters. They came at just the right time. They saved us, it’s true, I’m certain of that fact at the very least.

But, something’s also very wrong with that fact.